Let Go!!!!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in RANTS

One my biggest pet peeves at the gym is people who hold on to the railing while on the treadmill.  Now let’s be clear – I’m not talking to those who have the machine set to a 13 incline at a fast pace and are holding on for dear life.  I’m talking to the people who have no REAL reason or need to hold on.   The worst thing is when I see walkers doing this.  NOT speed walkers. I’m talking about those slow, steady, a ninety year old with a cane just passed them on the right hand side type of walker.  I think, really?  No, REALLY????

Maybe this sounds harsh.  It is to an extent.  If you are injured, fine.  If you are doing rehab, fine. If you are desperately sick and that is REALLY the best you can do, fine.  Just know this – I almost died 11 years ago, have TWO serious autoimmune diseases, a genetic immune deficiency,  and I will be jogging or running right along side of you.  If I can do it, there’s no excuse for MANY of you.

Wheeew, now that I got that off my chest let me explain why holders drive me crazy.  First, you are robbing yourself from the cardio benefits that you could get if you let go.  I can’t explain the science because I don’t know all of the technical terms, but simply put remember this rule – Any time you move you arms above your chest you increase your cardio benefits.  That’s why you see speed walkers swinging their arms up.  That’s why you see people shadow boxing on the treadmill.  So NOT only should you NOT be holding on, you should be keeping those arms up. Who runs with their arms to the side anyway?  Just think how ridiculous that would look on the street!  Funny right? So, then why do it on the treadmill?  Second, by letting go, you are learning to trust your body and your abilities.  You will NOT fall – most likely. And if you do, ehhh so what?!?!  As long as you don’t get hurt, stand up, take a bow, and get right back on and keep running.  I’ve done that many times.  Third, don’t half-ass your workouts unless there is a serious medical reason to do so.  You have chosen to workout.  That time is YOUR time.  Why sell yourself short??

So the next time you are on the treadmill, think of me and for everything that is good and sacred – PLEASE LET GO!!!!  Your body will thank you.

This rant is over.

  1. JP says:

    I should have you email this to my wife. She does however have this huge panic attack when forced to let go. Even tried to tell her the balance portion is good for the butt. Didn’t work. She walks normally on pavement but even at 2mph she will hold on!

  2. Funny. I guess you make good points that some people can’t do much due to health problems. But if you don’t, you really shouldn’t be on the treadmill w/o using your arms. I pump my arms on the elliptical – I won’t use the ones that have mechanical arms. It just doesn’t feel right!

    • You have a point about not being on the treadmill with health problems. I didn’t think of that. Still, I’d rather people hold on than do nothing at all. So, that’s way I say I excuse a select few. Still it ANNOYS me. Lol. And, I also never use the arms on the elliptical. I pump my arms too. Yet another thing we have in common.

  3. Emilee Valles says:

    Just finished a 5 mile jog on the treadmill and thought of u! I never hold on, theres no point, and it drives me crazy when people do!!! I like to workout hard, and then go home! theres no reason to hold on!!! if its too fast for u just slow the machine down a bit.

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