Gotta Love Them – But YOU COME First

Posted: November 22, 2010 in ATTITUDE

Family, friends, significant others.  In no particular order, these are the people that mean the most to us.  We laugh, cry and spend our free time with them.  These are the people with who we share our lives and are so grateful to have them around.

Guess what?  These ARE also the people who could severely hinder your fitness goals. Why?  There are many reasons. First, they may not have the same goals as you.  Second, they may have the same goals but lack the motivation to do anything about it. Third,  they may simple not care about fitness at all.  The list can go on and on.

If you have a loving support group who is 100% behind you, congratulations!!  I envy you and you don’t need to read any further. For the rest of you, you know what I mean.  I’ve been there.  Hell, I’m still there. I’m definitely the fitness example in my family and it’s often hard to hold firm to my beliefs.  But, I think that if I’m not the example then who will be?

Why do we let our loved ones get “in the way”?  There are many reasons I imagine.  If you are anything like me, then HUGE reason is time.  It feels like after everything I do for THEM there just is no time to eat right and exercise.  However, the fact of the matter is you are completely wrong.  There IS time – you just have to exercise your right to SAY NO!!!!  Take that one hour to yourself to exercise.  Say NO to McDonald’s for dinner and YES to grilled chicken and spinach.

So my Attitude Challenge to you is this:  The very next time someone who care about ask you to make an unhealthy choice say NO.  Explain that you are making some changes and you are very sorry but you can’t do what they want. Encourage them to join you instead.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It could be them asking you to skip your workout or to join them for junk food when you know you don’t want to cheat on your diet.  It could be an invitation for drinks when you know you shouldn’t.

Whatever it is – JUST SAY NO.  It’s only one time.  Try it.  When you see that the world does not come crashing to an end and your loved ones still love you, you will realize it wasn’t that bad.  And, DON’T feel guilty about it.  They may resent you at first but I promise that you aren’t doing them ANY favors by enabling their bad habits.  If anything, by enabling them, you are actually hurting them.  Poor health choices ALWAYS have negative consequences.  Good luck.  And BE STRONG!!!

  1. Rob says:

    Great post. I frequently put others first, putting my needs second. Your article is a great reminder to take time for your own needs. I particularly appreciate the part about setting a good example for others. So true!

    • Thank you so much for your post and for reading. I really appreciate your comment. I’m glad it served as a reminder to you. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the name of doing right by those we care about especially this time of year.

  2. Mehreen says:

    this is amazing stuff you’ve done here – i’m browsing away and finding it all very helpful. so proud of you.
    btw, i started running again because i’m aiming for a 5K race (hey, when you start from the couch, 5K seems pretty damn daunting). this post was EXACTLY on point for me today — lots of family pressure to eat on thanksgiving! anyway, speak soon. THIS IS GREAT!


    • Thanks Mehreen. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to read and comment. I know how busy you are. I’m proud of you for going for the 5K. I know it’s daunting but I also know you can do it. You’ve been here before. This time is no different. Kick some ass hun!! And, I’m so glad this was helpful to you 🙂

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