Bench Press – Barbell Workout

Posted: December 5, 2010 in GENERAL

Gyms are often really crowded especially right after New Year’s because thousands joined to keep those New Year’s resolutions.  If you are into superset workouts (which you should be because they are great for fat loss), it can be frustrating because the equipment you want may not be free.  While waiting and waiting AND waaaaaaaaaaiting, you wind up resting more than you should between exercises.

As a result of that very frustration, I came up with this workout.  The thing I like about it is you only need three pieces of equipment: a bench press station, barbell and yourself.  It’s a full body workout with one superset that uses just the bench, another that uses just the barbell, and we finish up with some bodyweight work.  This way less waiting and more working.  Here we go:

Superset 1:  Bench press – Do 12-15 reps of each exercise and repeat 3 times.  Aim to do this all the way through 3 times with no rest.  Take a 2 minute rest after all three 3 sets.  I’ve included some videos to describe what I thought were the “less common” exercises in this routine.  But, if there is a move you don’t recognize, feel free to ask.

1.  15 reps bench press

2.  50 step ups (25 each leg) – Here’s what it looks like:

3.  15 tricep bench dips – Watch this for a few ways to do this:

4.  15 bench lying leg raises. These look like this:

The bench lying leg raises are tough.  Here is an intermediate version:

If that’s still too hard, try knee bend shown here:

Superset 2 – Barbell – Select the appropriate barbell weight for you.  Using the barbell, do 12-15 reps of each exercise and repeat for three sets.  Aim to do this all the way through 3 times with no rest.  Take a 2 minute rest after all three sets.

15 biceps curls

15 barbell squats

15 shoulder press

15 deadlifts

Superset 3 – Bodyweight work. Do each exercise for indicated number of reps and then move to next exercise.  Do 4 sets

20 prisoner squats

60 mountain climbers

20 prison lunges

60 bicycles

After that, you’re done.  You got a great superset workout and you didn’t waste any time waiting for a machine.  Priceless!

  1. Yow! Looks great! I will try this one, thank you!

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve noticed the gym getting more crowded and it’s so annoying waiting for machines! I rarely wait. I usually try and find something open instead of just standing there.

    Something else I’ve noticed is partners working out together and taking turns on the weight machines….sort of anoying when they both hog the machines for like 30 minutes taking turns on it. Grrr.

    • You’re quite welcome. I hope you enjoy it. Waiting is one of my biggest frustrations at the gym. So, I understand. As for partners, I try to think of it this way. If you needed to wait on two people, it would take the same amount of time, if not more, for them to finish. Technically, since person A and person B are together. Person B can stand there and wait for A to finish and then start. I think that would take longer than if they alternate. Small consolation I know. But it helps me when I think about it that way.

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