The Why – Dig Deeper

Posted: December 22, 2010 in GENERAL

With New Year’s right around the corner, I already know that my gym is going to be much more crowded very soon.  As usual, thousands will join gyms in order to stick to their holiday resolution to lose weight and eat right.  The problem is they most likely made the same resolution last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and well if you get the idea.

Trainers, other gym members, friends, family members and sales people will all ask them the same question – WHY did you decide to join the gym?  To which the person will respond, to lose weight and get in shape. Many on the receiving of that generic answer will give an affirmative nod or smile and the conversation end there.  Well, that’s just great because the problem is that answer is the BEGINNING but not enough.  And, I think that’s why those same people are no longer in the gym three weeks later.  The problem – they DON’T have a crystal clear goal.  They have some vague notion of their desire to lose weight but haven’t really identified why.  Because their goal is not clear, it’s easier for them to divert their attention to other things as time goes on.  So, let’s look at this another way.

When I ask someone why did the join the gym and receive the response “because I want to lose weight” I say that’s great and why do you want to do that?  Nine times out of then the person looks at me confused.  Once and while the person will actually say what do you mean why?  And right there I know we have a problem.  They haven’t thought this through enough. 

Let’s walk through it now.  The truth is when you say you want to lose weight or you want to weigh 120 as opposed to 130, that means something to you.  You don’t want to lose weight for the sake of losing weight and you don’t want to weigh 120 because you like the number 2 better than the number 3.  You want to lose weight because for some reason you want to change.  My point is that 120 means something to you.  Weighing less and getting in shape means something to you.  THAT IS what you have to figure out to be successful.  That is what you need to focus on to FINALLY reach your goal.  And that is what I mean by dig deeper for that why.  For example, maybe you would like to be able to keep up with your children.  Or maybe, you have been teased all of your life and are sick of it. Perhaps, you want to improve your game or win a figure competition. Or, maybe you are just tired of feeling sorry for yourself.  The list of possibilities are endless. BUT THOSE ARE ALSO THE THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER TO YOU!  AND, THEREFORE, THOSE ARE THE THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON!!  Find out what it is that you really want.  What drove you to make your decision to lose weight? This takes some self reflection and you may need to thing about thing you’ve swept under the rug.  Trust me, you are more complex than you actually think you are.  However, it’s worth it.  In my mind, only TRUE self-reflection can lead to TRUE and permanent change. 

Once you have gotten to the nitty gritty of what your goal is, write it down.  Keep it in a place that you can see when you first wake up and your wallet.  If you are tempted to sleep in and skip the gym, take a look at it.  It may help you get out of bed.  If you are thinking about going to that bad for you restaurant, reach for your wallet and read your goal.  It may help you make a better decision.

Your reasons are personal to you.  Identifying them will help your resolution come true.  And, I mean REALLY, wouldn’t it be nice to choose a new resolution next year?  Think about it – a year from now you will have your fitness in check and you resolve to change something else.  Maybe save for that new wardrobe, dream home or car.  Let’s get it done.  DIG DEEPER and I’ll see you in the gym!


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