Be true to yourself

Posted: January 21, 2011 in GENERAL

With all the gadgets, DVDs, machines and next big things out there, many people dive right into fitness routines without even considering whether it is appropriate for them.  I think those anxious to buy everything in the market are awesome people.  It shows  a commitment to fitness and that they take themselves and their health seriously.  However, that dedication, while well intentioned and amazing, may be misplaced.  When watching those infomercials and you see one of those amazingly in shape fitness professionals jumping around, it’s natural to think hey I want to look like that or I want to see if I can move like him/her.  That’s great!  On this blog, I put up workouts to give you guys ideas of things you may want to do or workouts you may want to try. However, I do that because on a blog it’s really obviously not possible for me to design a personal workout.

Hey, I’m a trainer now so I’m all about enthusiasm.  Actually, that was true even before I was a trainer, but I digress…So here’s the thing, when viewing these awesome infomercials, ads for next greatest gadget and even my blog I always want you to have this question in mind – IS THIS RIGHT FOR ME?  Though the best person to help answer that question is a professional, you do have a sense of your own body and know your own limitations.  Here’s an example – let’s say you have knee problems because of an injury you are aware of.  So, Friday night you are a woman sitting on your couch and sure enough here comes this super hot guy advertising this amazing workout that is designed to help you shape up.  He looks amazing.  The people in the video look amazing and you reach to pick up that phone and place your order.  Now, let’s say that this amazing workout  consists of ALL jumping routines.  Hmmm…. let’s think about this for a second.  You have a bad knee.  You know that it hurts when you jump on it.  Even though this video looks amazing, what do you think?  Does it make SENSE for you to be doing workouts where you will be aggravating your injury?  Probably not, right?  So then, why did you order it?  Here’s another example.  Let’s say you HATE to dance.  Cool, no problem.  Do you think then that you should buy the latest Zumba workout?  No, probably not.

I’m writing this not to insult or to discourage you.  I’m writing this because I want the message to get out there that not all workouts are for everyone.  That’s what personal trainers are for – at least the good ones.  Don’t forget it’s called PERSONAL training and not just training for a reason.  The workouts I would design for an 80-year-old retired school teacher are not going to be the same as that which I would design for a 20-year-old basketball player.  Am I saying that the only way to get fit is to a hire a personal trainer?  No, of course not.  What I am saying is to BE SELECTIVE.  Don’t do just a workout because it looks hot.  Please I beg you to listen to this.  There are LOTS of great workouts out there.  And, I promise you that you can get in shape even in you don’t buy the next big thing. Let someone else do the booty shaking to the fast pace beats if that’s not your thing. The truth is that some of the most effective techniques are actually relatively simple. So, I promise you there is the perfect workout for YOU.  You just have to find it 🙂

So bottom line – Keep it real.  You know who you are, what you can do, what you can’t do, and what you plain don’t want to do. That said – make sure the workouts you do reflect YOUR personal needs.  You do have to work but you also have to be true to you. Exercise should be challenging but also somewhat fun.  At the very least, it should feel worth it.  THOSE are the workouts that will prevent injuries, keep you excited and help you stay motivated.


  1. I have an award for you @ I find you truly inspiring! Thank you.

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