Getting It In

Posted: May 29, 2011 in GENERAL

I thought I’d share a little trick that I tell all of my clients to get them to the gym when they are just not feeling it.  This secret applies whether you are having a bad day, frustrated at someone, or just plain not in the mood to work out.  Go to the gym and tell yourself you are only going to work out for 20 minutes.  See how you feel at the end of the 20 minutes.  If you still aren’t feeling it, fine go home.  You got in what I call a BTN workout.  That’s trainer talk for a workout that’s “better than nothing”.  Haha.  However, here’s the thing.  By the time you’ve done 20 minutes, endorphins are already flowing and your mood will likely have changed.  You will notice that you are happier and in the moment.  At the very least, you may realize hey I’m already here so as I might as well finish what I started.  In the 6 years that I’ve been telling people this, almost no one has ever wanted to leave after the 20 minutes.  Try it next time you aren’t feeling it.  Let me know what happened.

  1. Alan says:

    This is so true!! When I am not feeling I just make myself go, about 20 min into my workout I start feeling great then its full force from there! I ALWAYS feel amazing afterwards.

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