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Who do you answer to?

Posted: June 4, 2011 in ATTITUDE, GENERAL

The journey to lose weight can be long, challenging and lonely.  Those who have a great support system are very fortunate.  However, for oh so many individuals trying to get get in shape, the other people in their lives are part of the problem.  They create temptations, excuses and feed negative thoughts and actions.  Not cool.  Why do people do this?  They aren’t bad people.  They just don’t know better.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in this situation?  Make yourself accountable to someone who will encourage your journey and put you in check when needed.  Tell that person what your diet is and what your exercise plan is and make sure they make you stick to it.  With my clients, I am always asking about their diets and checking to make sure they are getting their cardio workouts in on days when they are not working with me.  They know that if I hear that they did not show up to do their cardio, then we are going to have issues.  I actually check to see that my clients have checked in on the days that I’m not there and ask that other trainers keep an eye on them.  That gives them a sense of accountability.  They know they have to do it because they have to answer to me.  It helps – trust me!  I hear all the time:  I didn’t want to come but I knew you would be disappointed and I didn’t feel like dealing with you.  I always laugh and say good.  Because, you know what? That’s fine.  They can be annoyed if they want to.  I really don’t care if they are annoyed.  I care that they get healthy!

So, who do you answer to?  If you don’t have someone, find someone.  Do it today!  If you have someone who is encouraging you to stray from your mission, relieve them of their duties and choose someone else.  If you don’t have anyone at all, you are lying because if you are reading this you have me.  I’ll be happy to help you.  Let me know on here or follow me on Twitter.

Remember, weight loss is a lifelong process.  There is no finish line.  Each day you put in the work.  Each day you get that much better.  Keep at it and you will be forever stronger.  If you need me, I’m right here.